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INNOVATIVE EDUCATION developing creativity

Foundation Board

Jarosław Kowalik

President of the Board of the Foundation
He runs his own business. Higher economic education in the field of management, a graduate of Akademia Ekonomiczna w Krakowie (Kraków University of Economics). Expert in the field of management, marketing and finance, former director for marketing and sales in the Optimus holding company. Participated strategically in creating and building many enterprises from scratch. Expert in designing and implementing business ventures, co-founder of many startups in the field of IT and ecoenergy.

Małgorzata Kowalik

Vice President of the Management
Coordinator of many projects co-financed by the European Union and Norwegian Mechanisms. Nearly 20 years of experience in managing and clearing EU projects. Has completed several training courses in the field of control and audit of projects, public procurement, project management, monitoring and reporting, accounting, and GDPR. Holds PRINCE2 and IPMA D certificates.

Marta Michalik

Board Representative
She has been associated with the Foundation since 2008. Has experience in writing, conducting and clearing projects financed from the European Union, national and local sources. Has completed several training courses in accounting and project management, accounting and public procurement, including PRINCE2 certificate.


Since the beginning of its activity, the Foundation has cooperated with dozens of experts, coaches, trainers and volunteers.

These were scientific experts from Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza w Krakowie (AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków), Akademia Ekonomiczna w Krakowie (Kraków University of Economics), Uniwersytet Jagielloński (Jagiellonian University), Uniwersytet Gdański (University of Gdańsk), Politechnika Krakowska (Kraków University of Technology), Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu w Nowym Sączu (Nowy Sącz School of Business), and many industry experts in the field of IT or ecoenergy.

Financed by Narodowy Instytut Wolności – Centrum Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Obywatelskiego (National Institute of Freedom – Centre for Civil Society Development) from the funds of Program Fundusz Inicjatyw Obywatelskich (Civic Initiatives Fund Programme) NOWEFIO for the years 2021–2030

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