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INNOVATIVE EDUCATION developing creativity

We improve business efficiency, foster creativity,
induce civic participation to improve the quality of life,
and focus on clean energy and a friendly environment.

Concentration of efforts will increase the efficiency
of companies, people, citizens in a friendly environment.

Achievements of the Foundation
  • 18 years of activity
  • 41 projects efficiently implemented and cleared
  • 6 200 hours of training, workshops, meetings, consultancy
  • 3 400 beneficiaries
  • 18 000 000 złoty of funds raised and allocated in 100% for activities implemented in the form of projects
  • 170 Eco-energy Strategies and Feasibility Studies prepared
  • 2 Business Incubators run

Financed by Narodowy Instytut Wolności – Centrum Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Obywatelskiego (National Institute of Freedom – Centre for Civil Society Development) from the funds of Program Fundusz Inicjatyw Obywatelskich (Civic Initiatives Fund Programme) NOWEFIO for the years 2021–2030

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